The Secret of the Drakoncess

Excellent news, honorable ladies, gentlemen and respectable combatants and inhabitants of all kingdoms. The Dragon hall has been opened. There you can see the magnificent book… The Secret of the Drakoncess. The story that tells the legend of the origin of our noble and beautiful rulers.
A new painting has also been added to the majestic gallery: where you can see a formidable Nesktal dragon fighting for his beloved Drakoncess.

fondo tarjeta 1

The Art of the Drakoncess Kingdoms

For the first time we can now see some of the pieces of art belonging to the Drakoncess Kingdoms. View the recently opened Kingdom of Krangstal gallery. There you can appreciate some of the most outstanding works created by the great contemporary artist Elena Dudina. From the idillyc past when the three Drakoncess sisters began forging these Kingdoms of magical beauty, up until the present time, conflict has loomed tike a dark veil over the once-peaceful realms as a result of uncertainty sown by the pernicious Secret Order. Travel back in time to admire what could have once been

Fondo Tarjeta 2

Drakoncess Runes

The Kingdoms’ magic can be felt in runes made of wood and carved by a magic fire. Grafted and cast by a wizard, they predict the fate of the inhabitants of the Kingdoms, including the Drakoncess, during their courageous journeys. The Rune of Destiny foresees the fortunes and adventures of the Kingdoms’ inhabitants as they enter into battle with other Kingdoms. The other, known as the Rune of Movement, predicts the speed and progress of each of the Kingdom inhabitants in their journeys. Those who cast runes receive a certain prediction, but their destinies and that of the Drakoncess and the Kingdom.