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The Art of the Drakoncess Kingdoms

The art of the Drakoncess Kingdoms

For the first time we can now see some of the pieces of art belonging to the Drakoncess Kingdoms.

View the recently opened Kingdom of Krangstal gallery. There you can appreciate some of the most outstanding works created by the great contemporary artist Elena Dudina.

From the idillyc past when the three Drakoncess sisters began forging these Kingdoms of magical beauty, up until the present time, conflict has loomed tike a dark veil over the once-peaceful realms as a result of uncertainty sown by the pernicious Secret Order.

Travel back in time to admire what could have once been the bucolic “Dragon’s Place”. Allow yourself to be captivated by the beautiful and enigmatic eyes of the noble Drakoncess, or immerse yourself in a faithful rendering of a fierce battle in the frozen Kingdom of Matterkald.

The gallery will soon be enriched even further by the magical Kingdom’s heritage and the works of various great artists, some appearing so old that it’s believed they, were painted in the year 250 kD.

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